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Richmond Veterinarian: Full Spectrum Holistic Pet Care

Welcome to Richmond Veterinary Clinic! We are a Richmond veterinarian proud to provide holistic veterinary care that integrates the best of Western medicine and technology with alternative methods. Integrating these technologies and methods leads to a more accurate diagnosis and a more balanced approach to the care of your pet. 

Our dog and cat clinic is a full service clinic offering pet dental care, spay and neuter surgery, pet acupuncture, digital X-ray, digital ultrasound and laboratory services. Richmond Veterinary Clinic will provide a caring, compassionate and competent service recognizing our client's desires and our patient's needs.  If your pet requires grooming or cat boarding, we have that available as well.  Your feline will feel at ease in our spacious cat condos with natural light and not bothered by the barking of boarding dogs.

Compassionate Care of All Types: Spay and Neuter, Pet Dental, Acupuncture and Grooming

We understand that going to a dog and cat clinic might make some animals nervous, and this can mean the owners feel nervous as well. A visit to our dog and cat clinic does not have to be an upsetting occasion here at Richmond Veterinary Clinic. Whether your pet is here for a routine checkup, spay and neuter surgery, pet grooming, or alternative treatment sources, Dr. Brand and our caring staff will provide a gentle and calming approach to ease you and your pet's anxiety.

Procedures like pet dental cleaning and spay or neuter surgery require anesthesia, which necessitates your pet to be admitted for the day. However, because of advanced anesthesia and pain control they can be released to home care the same day.  This sets us apart from most veterinary clinics. We are certain that because of the dedicated personnel monitoring anesthetic levels, EKG and blood oxygen levels, Richmond Veterinary Clinic provides the safest anesthetic and surgical level of performance.

Pet acupuncture uses very fine needles to rebalance the body's natural homeostasis.  It is used most successfully in treating arthritic pain.  However, it can be used with almost any disease condition such as diarrhea, vomiting, behavioral disorders, disc disease, Wobblers, hip dysplasia and skin disease.

In addition, there is a grooming suite attached to Richmond Veterinary Clinic.  The groomers provide a professional, gentle and stress free approach to pet grooming.  They are capable of providing specialty cuts as well as a routine bath and "sprucing" up of your dog or cat.  

We are proud to offer pet care for Richmond as well as Spring Grove, McHenry, and Lake Geneva. Please take a look around our new website and call us at 815-678-4700 to schedule an appointment.

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